Walks of Humans – India

I am owning the French bakery here in Rishikesh. My whole family lives in Nepal. I have a wonderful wife and children. In four months I will go home and visit them. Unfortunately, I can’t stay long because I have to come back to India to earn enough money. I am not sad about it. It is what it is. My dream is to open one day my own Bakery.


My name is Arjun. I am 15 years old and I am a student. I live with my family near from the Rishikesh market. My hometown is Muradabad in Uttarpradesh. My family came to Rishikesh a few years ago because here it is easier to make money. My father is a worker and my mother is a housewife. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters, all of them are still in elementary school. I have been selling flowers for about two months and have invested 200 rupees (about 2.80 euros). Normally, I get a profit of 200-300 rupees a day. If I manage to sell all flowers 600-800 rupees. But there are also days when I sell nothing. It does not make me sad if I do not make a profit, but if I sell them, I am happy. I don’t have plans for my future.I don’t make plans. My parents do not force me to do this job. I like it and give the money to my mother so she saves it in my piggy bank. It will eventually be useful to finance education for my sisters. I buy the flowers from the market here. The baskets are made of leaves, which I made by myself. Selling flowers to tourists is fun. They put the flowers in the Ganga and express their wishes. It’s beautiful, they help me and get something back at the same time.


God has given love to all of us. But one should not have „moh“ [ Hindi: Attachment, Glamour, Delusion] I love you. I love your friends. Contrariwise other people love me but in love one should not have infatuation.
One should not always think what might happen with your loved ones. Or to have the feeling that the loved person belongs to me. You can feel love but you can’t own it. [जो होना है वो होगा, वो होकर ही रहना है phoeniticals :jo hona hai vo hoga, vo hokar hee rahana hai . Meaning: Whatever is to be, it will be = Whatever is meant or predestined to happen will happen; there is no use in regretting or resisting what one cannot control.